Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper

Would you consider yourself to be good with money? How about financially savvy? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

Mortgage Choice’s inaugural Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper found 77.2% of Australians consider themselves to be ‘financially savvy’.

The Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper provides invaluable insights into the financial psyche of Australians, their attitude towards money, and how these attitudes are shaped by external factors, including age, wealth status, and the markets in which they reside.

Over 1,000 Australians were surveyed and asked about their experiences with money.

Want to know how you stack up against your peers? Make sure you download the Whitepaper and watch the video below for more information.

Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper to find out how Australians feel about money and what the ‘financially savvy’ people choose to do with their funds.

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Follow the Smart Money

In this short video, we explore what level of financial knowledge Australians actually have and what tips, tricks and savings habits the true ‘money smart’ Australians employ.

What people said

"To be money smart you have to be in control of your finances. You need to be able to set up bank accounts with high interest rates and then separate your money into different areas/categories, like: travel, savings, spending and daily expenses. You should also be able to invest in shares where appropriate. Get rid of any unnecessary debts and, if you have a credit card, make sure you pay it off in full each month."


Sarah - 24 years old

"To be money smart, you have to be able to make your own financial decisions, be able to successfully budget and live within your means. You have to understand credit and how the various financial institutions work."


Dawn - 63 years old

"If you want to be financially savvy, you have to be aware of your money and what you are doing with it. It also means having a plan or budget in place that can successfully help you manage your debt obligations and live within your means."


Trevor - 59 years old

"To be truly financially savvy, you need to be in control of your finances. You need to do your research on everything and try and maximise every dollar. Make your money work for you and get the most out of every investment – whether it be property investment or your weekly grocery shop. Think long term and not just in net terms."


Jen - 26 years old

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