The path to financial savviness

Over 1000 Australians were surveyed about their experiences with money. From this data, we were given invaluable insights into the financial psyche of Australians, their attitudes towards money, and how this attitude is shaped by external factors.

While a majority of Australians (77.2%) consider themselves to be financially savvy, they are still committed to improving their financial knowledge and literacy.

So what are people doing to improve their money smarts?

Want to be smarter?

If you would like to be better with your money, you can.

Our Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper highlights the various financial hacks, tricks and tips employed by ‘money smart Australians’.

Download our Whitepaper now to find out more information and start your journey to financial savviness.


Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper to find out how Australians feel about money and what the ‘financially savvy’ people choose to do with their funds.

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