The Evolving Great Australian Dream 2018

One year later, we checked back in on the 'Great Australian Dream' to see what's changed.

Owning a property has long been a cornerstone of the Great Australian Dream however with the growth in house prices, especially in metropolitan areas, the dream is evolving to encompass more options than the traditional freestanding home on a quarter-acre block.

After a happy healthy family and the financial freedom to do what they want in life, Australians dream most about owning a house.

In a bid to understand Australians’ new attitudes to the Evolving Great Australian Dream, we partnered with CoreData to survey more than 1,000 Australians, investigating their thoughts and opinions on getting into the property market and exploring the paths they are prepared to take to secure a property.

The evolving Great Australian Dream

We checked in on the 'Great Australian Dream' to see how it has evolved since our research in 2017. This animated clip brings you the main insights from the research we ran across the country.