Brokerage drives efficiency through new partnership

In a bid to improve its customer service proposition and drive greater business efficiency, Mortgage Choice has teamed up with the online booking platform Ubookr.

October 11, 2017

In a bid to improve its customer service proposition and drive greater business efficiency, Mortgage Choice has teamed up with the online booking platform Ubookr.

Speaking about the partnership, Mortgage Choice chief executive officer John Flavell said the brokerage was pleased to partner with a “revolutionary” technology provider.

“Earlier this year, we launched a limited trial with Ubookr and the results were impressive,” he said.

“Through the trial, we saw first-hand just how easily the online appointment booking system could streamline broker businesses and improve the customer service proposition.

“At Mortgage Choice, we understand that many Australians like to use their smartphones to make various appointments – like booking holiday accommodation or reserving a table at a particular restaurant.

“Now, thanks to our new partnership with Ubookr, consumers can also arrange an appointment with their Mortgage Choice broker with just the touch of a button.

“Better yet, the appointment can be made instantly from anywhere and via any mobile device.

“With the Ubookr app, customers can view a broker's calendar, see their available times, and book in an appointment when it best suits them.

“This removes the need for multiple phone calls or emails between broker and customer, and simplifies what can sometimes be an onerous task.

“For our brokers, the Ubookr app has allowed them to easily manage and review their calendar, improving their efficiency and productivity.”

Mr Flavell said the integration of the Ubookr platform into Mortgage Choice's business operations was just one of the ways the company was seeking to enhance their customer experience.

“As part of Mortgage Choice's 2020 vision, we are committed to providing our customers with any financial product through any channel at any time. The integration of the Ubookr platform is just one of the innovative new technologies we are harnessing to make this vision a reality.

Ubookr co-founder and CEO Cameron Curdie said working with Mortgage Choice was a good fit for the business.

“Looking to the future, we have our sights set on providing a unique and scalable online booking solution to other industry leaders that provide mobile and on-site appointments to their customers,” he said

“In doing so, we want to help these companies offer greatly improved convenience to both their customers and employees while increasing website lead conversion rates and their bottom line.”

“The Ubookr app has many business benefits. Most notably, it allows a website lead to make an appointment with a broker on any day of the week and at any time of the day.

“The app also boasts two-way calendar sync, so both broker and customer have the appointment added to their diary. Prior to the appointment, the app sends the customer a reminder notification, which has significantly reduced the level of ‘no shows'. Best of all, the app can be set-up so that customers can choose where they would like to meet their broker. In other words, if the customer would prefer to meet with their broker at their home after-hours, the app provides them with the ability to organise just that.”

Mr Flavell said the intuitiveness and flexibility of the app made it a business ‘must-have'.

“In just a short period of time, we have seen improvements in broker efficiency across our network,” he said.

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