Mortgage Choice launches Squadron XV

Mortgage Choice has commended its longest-standing franchise owners by inducting them into a new club, known as the ‘Squadron XV’.

August 14, 2012

Mortgage Choice has commended its longest-standing franchise owners by inducting them into a new club, known as the ‘Squadron XV'.

Officially launched at the company's annual National Conference in late July, Squadron XV encompasses a diverse and well-deserving group of mortgage broking veterans, each of whom has been in business for 15 years.

Mortgage Choice CEO Michael Russell said, “Our Squadron XV members deserve to be acknowledged for dedicating themselves to their business, the brand and importantly, to their customers over the past 15 or more years.”

“The 17 franchisees who have been inducted into this esteemed club have developed a strong rapport and reputation within their local communities that we feel is essential to longevity in this business. They are role models within our network, having perfected their business plans over the years and determinedly maintained a high level of customer service despite the many challenges that have come their way.”

“This select few have helped to uphold the inherent value of integrity and shape the customer for life philosophy that is Mortgage Choice and we are pleased to recognise their contribution.”

Highly regarded by the company's lender panel partners, the club is anticipated to carry a prestigious status within the mortgage broking industry.

“Squadron XV members will receive a range of special privileges within Mortgage Choice as a reward for incredible service,” said Mr Russell.

“The incentives are also aimed at encouraging our other successful franchise owners to strive to reach this highly prized status.”

Celebrating 15 years with the company, Squadron XV franchisee inductees include:

  • Valdis Bormanis (VIC)
  • Graham Bowling (QLD)
  • Stephanie Cook (NSW)
  • Russell Crook (WA)
  • Stuart Ellicott (NSW)
  • Mark Ferris (WA)
  • Bob Gibbons (ACT)
  • Judith Goodman (VIC)
  • Alan Heath (QLD)
  • Ian Macpherson (QLD)
  • Kevin McCann (VIC)
  • John Osbourne (ACT)
  • Michael Perkins (NSW)
  • Julie Schelling (NT)
  • Tony Schelling (NT)
  • Leeanne Scott (NSW)
  • Anthony Van Den Nieuwenhof (NSW)

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