Mortgage Choice signs as principal partner of new women’s financial education platform

Mortgage Choice is taking strides to financially empower women, having signed on to be founding partner of Tilly Money.

October 16, 2020

Mortgage Choice is taking strides to financially empower women, having signed on to be founding partner of Tilly Money.

Tilly Money - a new online platform designed to increase financial knowledge, strength and independence among women - was set up this year by Switzer Financial Group CEO Maureen Jordan, in a bid to encourage learning and investing. Mortgage Choice is creating content for the Tilly Money platform, including articles and podcasts to educate its female audience.

Mortgage Choice CEO Susan Mitchell said, “Historically, financial decision making, and wealth creation has been associated with the male gender role stereotype and, despite shifting considerably in recent decades, there is still more work to do.”

“We believe that financial education and independence is crucial to female empowerment. We are thrilled to support a platform like Tilly Money, which helps women bolster their financial literacy to make important financial decisions, grow wealth, and prosper independently.”

“The Tilly Money partnership allows us to arm more women with the vital knowledge required to take control of their finances and make informed decisions about property ownership and their financial future.”

Research conducted by Mortgage Choice earlier this year showed that women are feeling more encouraged to enter the property market on their own. Over 30% of women have or will likely buy a property on their own, which has increased from just over 25% in 2019. The research revealed that women are being driven into the property market in search of financial stability, with 44% choosing to buy property in order to stop the rent cycle, versus 32% of men.

Ms Mitchell said, “A solid foundation provided by education and access to expertise goes a long way to giving women the confidence to make such significant financial decisions like purchasing property.”

Earlier this year, Mortgage Choice further supported and encouraged women’s involvement in the world of finance by rolling out its ‘Aspire’ program.

Ms Mitchell said, “There is a real parallel between what we are trying to achieve through our partnership with Tilly Money and what we are delivering through our Aspire program at Mortgage Choice. Aspire aims to nurture the next generation of female business owners within our mortgage broking and advice networks. We see the partnership with Tilly Money as another avenue to support Australian women. I’m proud that Mortgage Choice is strengthening female participation in the mortgage broking industry as well as helping all women to take control of their financial future.”

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