Partnering with Mortgage Choice

Mortgage Choice is an ASX listed company and a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).
With specialist services available from expert mortgage brokers and financial advisers, you will be helping your customers take control of their financial future.

Mortgage Choice and you.
Be part of something bigger.

Introducing your customers to a trusted referral partner is a great service and can grow your business

Successful business referral relationships are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to develop new business. Our customers often ask us for specific business referrals and we believe that promoting like-minded businesses can benefit everyone. As you know, a recommendation from someone you trust can have a huge influence when choosing a product or service provider.

There are a number of ways we can work together in addition to customer referrals. Here are some of the joint marketing activities we could consider:

  • Host prospect and customer seminars
  • Link to each other’s websites
  • Provide content to each other for blogs, newsletters and articles
  • Sponsorship of local events or sporting teams
  • Joint shopping centre displays
  • Direct mail to our databases to introduce the other party
  • Create a joint promotion


Seminars are a great way to speak to potential customers in a friendly setting. By combining our knowledge, we could offer a seminar that is relevant and educational to attract new customers and retain existing customers. For example, we could host a property investment seminar or something that is specific to first home buyers.

Online Marketing

Our local Mortgage Choice website includes a business and community page where we can co-promote local businesses and any exclusive offers available to Mortgage Choice customers. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Working together

The best place to start is to arrange a time to catch up and discuss how we could work together and it’s also a good time to begin to discuss objectives, budgets and responsibilities.

  • Objectives: what are we trying to achieve (i.e. leads, sales, and adding extra value)?
  • Budgets: what are we prepared to spend and what return on investment do we need?
  • Action Plan: what activity we will undertake and when?
  • Responsibilities: who will do what?
  • Measurement: how will we track results?

About Mortgage Choice

From day one, Mortgage Choice has been about helping Australians afford to live the life they want. For many it starts with creating a home, building an asset for the future. But what really matters is creating a home full of great memories shared with family and friends. We get a buzz out of helping people achieve this.

Not only can we provide your customers with help for their immediate needs for a first home, upgrading, refinancing, renovating or investment, we’ve also expanded our services so we can take care of their total financial wellbeing. We can help your customers with their car loans, business lending, property investment, general insurance, personal loans, credit cards and equipment finance and leasing.

And, our financial advisers can provide your customers with tailored advice in terms of budgeting and saving, building a portfolio of investments, evaluating insurance needs and reviewing their superannuation strategies.

So when you make a referral to Mortgage Choice, you’ll be helping your customers take control of their financial future, and that’s an important step.