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Informative finance videos from your Paddington, Bardon & Milton-area mortgage broker team

These videos cover a range of financial services topics. With these videos we aim to assist you to understand and answer some questions and clarify concepts on everything from first home buying to refinancing, property investing, car finance and more.

Contact us today if you're interested in knowing more about any of these topics by speaking with our experienced team at Mortgage Choice in Paddington led by mortgage broker, Adam Bourke.


Meet Adam Bourke, your Mortgage Choice broke…
Welcome to Mortgage Choice in Paddington
What makes our mortgage brokers different?
What is 'LMI'?
What is 'refinancing'?
Unlocking equity in your home
What happens during a home loan application?
Our free car buying service
What's 'gearing' or 'leverage'?
Dealer finance – know exactly what you’re si…
How we can help your small business
Tips to save a home loan deposit
Renting vs buying property
Why get home loan pre-approval?
Why partner with our business?
Using guarantors
Fixed versus variable loans
Negative vs positive gearing
What's Equipment/ Asset finance?
Buying commercial property
How to consolidate debt
How much can you borrow?

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