Matt's Monday Minute: Millennials… “OK I’ve stopped with the Smashed Avo, now what?”

May 29, 2017
Matt Spooner

AS I sat in a Bondi Café over the weekend, staring down with some disdain at the peanut butter on my toast, longing for the familiar smooth taste of Smashed Avocado, I reminded myself that sacrifices were necessary to make my home ownership dreams a reality. Yep – I’m a millennial. That is, someone born between 1981 and 1998, and while, according to a recent HSBC survey quoted by Domain over the weekend, while apparently my desire to own a home is very strong; rates of homeownership shown by my millienal friends and I are at an all time low. 

So; how do we overcome this problem?

There are so many strategies which are thrown around, that it can really become confusing for us ‘millennials’ to decide where to focus our attention.

Here is a quick table showing the pros and cons of a couple of the most popular suggestions out there:




Rentvesting: “Rent where you want to live, buy for investment”

  •   Live where you prefer.
  •  Own property, without necessarily having to compromise your lifestyle.
  • Capacity to increase property portfolio.
  • Outgoings increase, Rent etc.
  • Large amount of investment debt.
  • Additional fees and more expensive home loans.

Using a “Family Pledge” or Guarantor

  • Get the property you want, without necessarily having to save a large (20% deposit)
  •  Avoid fees such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance.
  • Large Amount of debt.
  • A debt is established over the Guarantor’s property.
  • Can be tricky to unravel, should you need to sell one of the properties.


As you may have seen, our team at Mortgage Choice Eastern Suburbs will be running a “Ready to Buy” seminar on Thursday 15th June. There will be the opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s most respected investment specialists, property buyers and finance professionals.

After more detail on the above? Or have some questions about your property aspirations?

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