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November 27, 2013
Alan Madden

Whilst you would probably wish to seek out an investment property yourself, there are some other options available which may be of interest. Mortgage Choice has an association with the company Blue Wealth. This company specialises in identifying growth opportunities and they have helped thousands of people find an investment property. They have a national focus and have a reputation of being able to help people make informed not only on what to purchase but also where to purchase.  

Blue Wealth has developed the industry's most comprehensive research methodology and have an on-going commitment to educating Australians about property investing. They regularly hold educational seminars designed to teach people how to create wealth and security in their lives. Blue Wealth Property makes it easy to make great investment decisions. Their team is at the cutting edge of the industry and has a proven track record in using research to identify growth markets and strong investment opportunities. Their acquisitions team is dedicated to securing the best investment properties - and often negotiates exclusive offers for their clients. If you get the chance, have a look at the following video’s. The “Rent vs Buy” video is a real thought provoker. Even if you still decide to go it alone, the video’s are quite

Please let me know if this is of any interest and also if you want additional information.

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