Tax Returns

February 21, 2017
Alan Madden

TAX RETURNS: SELF SUBMISSIONS - if you've submitted your 2016 Tax Return on line, you'll know it's a reasonably quick, uncomplicated and no cost way to get your return to the ATO. It makes sense to do it that way. But there may be a down side if you intend to apply for finance and time is a factor. It is not possible to print or download a copy of your full return if you've lodged on line - all you get is a summary. This will generally be insufficient income evidence for loan assessment purposes and we've confirmed this with many lenders - if a tax return is required, that means a full return. You can certainly request to get a full copy from the ATO, but that can take up to 28 days. 

So if you intend on applying for finance please ensure you keep a manual record of your return, it will save us time in the long run

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