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With all of the information that is now online, it's important to not only understand what your objectives and requirements are for borrowing; but also what you might need in terms of help from either a Mortgage Broker, like us at Mortgage Choice, or from a traditional bank. 

With so much conflicting information, finding unbiased resources that are accurate can give peace of mind. A good starting point might be reading information issued by the Australian Government such as Money Smart which provides basic information including what to expect from your mortgage broker

There are also accredited bodies such as the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Associateion of Australia) whereby the creditor must be licensed with or registered in order to do business - checking this is just another safeguard to make sure you are dealing with someone who will uphold their professional Code of Practice.

If you would lilke more information about our Code of Conduct, please download it here.

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