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At Mortgage Choice Fitzgibbon, we know that your choice of car isn’t the only thing that matters, you also need to be confident that you have the right finance in place for your purchase.

When you’re in the market for a car, it’s easy to accept the finance solution offered by your dealer or bank. But chances are you could save money by shopping around. And we know how important that is.

That’s where we can help. We give you access to a wide range of lenders all competing for your business. We can explain the options and help you decide which vehicle finance option is best suited to your needs - no matter whether you’re buying through a dealer or private sale.

Amit Jindal | Mortgage Broker can also help you with:

  • Car Loan Pre-Approval
  • Car Loan Refinancing
  • Car Insurance
  • Mortgage Choice Car Buying Service

Dealer finance | Fitzgibbon, Brisbane

We know that showroom car finance can sound tempting, however, it's important to dig a little deeper because the finance you sign up for may not be what you expected. Learn more about dealer finance in the video below!

Speak with Amit Jindal today to discuss your situation - 0411 989 028.

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