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February 06, 2017
Hayley Dunning

This week’s blog will explore the emerging interior design trends of 2017. No more is it all about the copper and marble features and fittings, this year is all about nature inspired colours and texture!



It’s all about texture in 2017 so expect to see a lot more cork around the place. The natural tone and texture of cork acts as the perfect feature in any room without being too polarizing. One of those features that can blend into the background without being completely lost.

Dark Green


Dark green tones are everything this year. They will be popping up all over the place, not just as a feature wall colour, but in accessories all over the place. With other trends being all about nature and earthy colours, the green will both contrast perfectly as well as pop! 

Dark wood


Moving away from the blonde woods of 2016, the newest trends are dark, rich toned woods. These will offer a perfect contrast to the “in” colours of the season, the green and jewel tones, and help add a sleek, rich tone and texture to any room. 

Brass and Bronze


Move over copper! Gone are the rose gold and copper tones of last year, we are now seeing a lot more of the yellow/gold tones of brass and bronze. The perfect accessory in any room, we are seeing them appear in light features/pendants, as fittings in kitchen and bathrooms and as the smaller interior accessories. Adding the perfect amount of luxe to any room, these tones provide the perfect contrast against the dark wood and cork we’re seeing a lot of. 

Woven Baskets width=

Another textural item, woven baskets are everywhere! With their natural colours not only are they right on trend but they also act as the perfect form of storage! 

Jewel Tones


Think gorgeous sapphire blues and amethyst tones everywhere! These colours will work perfectly alongside the other trends of the moment as they will be heavily featured in the patterned accessories and are the perfect layering tools against the dark woods and green tones. 



Terracotta, in all shapes and sizes, is about to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Not only in the traditional pot plant form but in larger elements such as tiles and other décor items. Pretty soon this orange hue will be everywhere!



Texture is another big trend predicted for this year. In order to incorporate more texture into a room, people will be focusing heavily on layering furniture and beds with a multitude of different types of materials such as cushions/pillows and throws all with different textures. Walls may be covered in a textured wallpaper or painted using a texturizing technique or just left completely raw. This trend is all about incorporating different textures and surfaces to create more dimension in a room. 

Mixed Patterns


Mixed patterns are all the rage when it comes to textiles. Boho chic and Moroccan vibes are the big influencers behind this trend and with good reason. With all these natural tones and textures, patterned textiles and accessories are the perfect addition to a room that is on the verge of being lost to nature inspired browns, greys and beiges. 

So there you have it, the biggest design trends for 2017! These trends will be everywhere and are very simple to recreate in your own home. Give it a go by adding some different textured cushions and a throw to a room or adding some brass or bronze accessories around the place. If you're new to DIY then terracotta and cork are a great place to start for beginners!

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