Top Tips for Saving Money on Travel

March 23, 2017
Hayley Dunning

Everyone loves to travel but we all know the cost of flights, accommodation, insurance and activities can really add up. This week we’ve come up with some great tips for how you can some money on your next holiday!


Use a private browser: When searching for flights and accommodation, try and ensure that your cookies are disabled or you’re using a private browser. Websites can track when you have viewed a certain webpage more than once and will often increase the prices of flights and accommodation that you have viewed regularly as a way of making more money.

Loyalty programs: There are a multitude of different ways you can earn points to put towards travel. Even simple things such as buying groceries or petrol can increase your savings for your next holiday. Both Coles and Woolworths have loyalty programs where you earn points which can then be put towards various airlines or even hotels. If you have a favourite hotel, you could join their loyalty program and reap benefits such as free upgrades, free breakfast, late check out/early check in.

Avoid peak periods: If possible, try and avoid travelling during peak periods like school holidays and around Christmas. Not only will there be more people travelling at these times but prices of flights and accommodation will also be higher. Hotels and airlines also tend to offer better deals during the off-peak periods as a means of encouraging more people to travel. Take advantage of these offers and avoid the busy periods for a stress-free holiday.

Travel midweek: It’s no secret that the price of accommodation and flights will often increase over the weekend, try and avoid the added costs by travelling midweek, especially on a Tuesday or Wednesday as these are generally the cheapest days to travel.

Use discount websites: Always be sure to check websites like Groupon or All the Deals before travelling. Often they will have great deals on accommodation offering a discounted price as well as add ons like free meals or hotel spa services, take advantage of these great money saving offers. You can also find great deals on restaurants and activities/attractions so be sure to check them out for added savings! (Always be mindful of the fine print on these websites, often there will be blackout periods or even added costs so be sure to double check before booking.)

Frequent Flyer Program: There are a lot of benefits to frequent flyer programs including free flights, express check in, increased baggage allowance and the use of club lounges around the world. Do your research beforehand and compare different programs to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits and that you select the program that meets your needs the best.

Travel Insurance: A lot of credit card companies offer free travel insurance when you use a credit card to book a holiday. This is a great option because not only are you saving money but you’re now insured whilst travelling. Be sure you read the fine print first and make sure that you are fully covered for everything from medical bills to theft/lost property.

We hope you find these tips useful when booking your next getaway! If you’re interested in obtaining finance for a holiday, then give one of our friendly brokers a call to see how we can help you out on 07 3211 7744. 

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