Time to defrost your home loan?

July 29, 2013
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Mortgage Choice broker in Richmond – Andrew Heath, says life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your home loan. 

Richmond mortgage holders, if your loan has been on ice now could be the time to turn up the heat by checking if your loan is still the right fit for your lifestyle and financial circumstances.  

You could be eligible for a different type of home loan - perhaps one with a lower rate, additional features or better facilities. These can all provide valuable savings or just make your loan easier to live with.  

Even better, Richmond mortgage holders can take advantage of the current combination of low interest rates and increased competition between lenders. 


Free home loan health check

A simple way to know if your Richmond mortgage continues to meet your needs is with a quick home loan health check.  

Sure, there are plenty of online calculators and comparison websites that can show what’s available elsewhere. But it’s hard to go past a free home loan health check by our team of Mortgage Choice brokers here in Richmond. It will show how your mortgage stacks up with a tailored loan comparison.  

We know the market for Richmond mortgage holders, and with up-to-the minute information from a wide range of banks and other lenders, we can help you compare loans and identify whether your current loan is getting a little...out of touch from your needs.


Has your mortgage lost its mojo?  

Not convinced you could benefit from a home loan health check? Try asking this quick quiz – if you answer ‘yes’ to any questions, it could be time to put some mojo back in your mortgage.

Have you lost track of the rate you’re currently paying?

Chances are you could be paying more than you realise. Our home loan health check could reveal a loan that’s a better fit for your current needs, and we’ll help you weigh up the cost versus benefits of switching lenders and/or loan products.

Is your household income about to reduce? 

Maybe you’re following in the footsteps of William and Kate with a new baby on the way. An exciting time! A challenging period too if it means dropping from two incomes to one. Our Richmond mortgage team can show you how to lower your loan repayments for a while by switching to an interest-only loan.

Do you have plans to upsize or downsize?

Perhaps you’re thinking of moving to a smaller home in Richmond. Maybe you need to upsize. Whatever the case, a free home loan health check by the Richmond Mortgage Choice team will give you peace of mind knowing whether your current loan is still the most suitable or whether there is a better option for you. 

To arrange your free home loan health check, pop into Mortgage Choice Richmond at 1/37 Lennox Street, or call me on 4578 9904 or 0411 550600 7 days a week. Or check us out online.

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