Ask Andrew - The People in the Process

August 14, 2015
Rachel Perry

Even for those experienced with buying and selling, understanding what all the different people involved in the process do can be a bit confusing. To make it all a bit clearer, we will be featuring one of these types of people each day next week and explain their role when you are buying a property.

  • Mortgage Broker
  • Real Estate Agent & Buyers Agent
  • Solicitor & Conveyancer
  • Lender or Bank

Mortgage Broker  

The first person that most people meet with when they are thinking of buying a property is a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker like me is trained to take away the stress of getting a loan by preparing your application, speaking with the lender or bank and supporting you all the way to settlement. A broker like me also does not believe in stopping the relationship there! I will continue to support you through working to get you rate reductions where possible and do an annual Home Loan Health Check to make sure you are on the best possible deal you can be.

As a Mortgage Choice mortgage broker, I will:

  • work with you to evaluate your home loan needs
  • calculate how much you can borrow (so you know the price range you can afford)
  • compare loan products from up to 25 lenders
  • provide advice on which loan would be best for you
  • do all the paperwork from preparing your application to making sure the lender has everything they need
  • get you a pre-approval if that is relevant

I will do all this at no cost to you as the lender pays us. It is important to check with any broker you choose to work with as they may charge you a fee. We also get paid the same irrespective of which lender you choose, which also isn't the same for every broker. Make sure you find out about what commissions they get paid for different lenders to ensure you feel comfortable with what is being recommended.

Next week we will feature what a Real Estate Agent and Buyer's Agent do, so look out for that.

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