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We were looking to refinance and Andrew got us a much better deal than we had. The change has saved us a lot of money. He made the whole process so simple. Great service. Highly recommend. Thanks Andrew and Team

Tony and Anne B (Refinancer) Bayside, VIC

We needed to improve our finances but navigating the processes of the “Big Four” on our own was a daunting task. Our very first conversation with Andrew Van Eede of Mortgage Choice demonstrated the need for his expert help. Andrew could interpret the “bank speak” of the finance documents and he had thorough knowledge of the complex processes involved in refinancing that can be daunting and overwhelming.

Right from get go Andrew proved he was in tune with our needs, his sole focus was to find solutions and improve our financial situation, not sell a product. Andrew’s relaxed friendly manner allowed for easy and honest communication, necessary when dealing with such personal aspects of our life.

It sounds cliche, but our life has changed since we enlisted the services of Andrew Van Eede from Mortgage Choice. With Andrew’s expert guidance and assistance we improved our finances, saved money, and as a result we have peace of mind for now and in the future.

Lynette and Bruce, Highett

Bruce and Lynette - Highett (Refinancer) HIghett, VIC

After struggling some time with my finances, I contacted Andrew from Mortgage Choice
who made time to meet with me, review my situation and come back with an achievable
plan. I had tried working with my bank who only seemed interested in keeping me as a
customer and paying their high interest rates.
Andrew’s proposal gave me multiple options that allowed me to restructure all my finances,
save money and allowed me to make plans for my future – more than the bank ever did for
me. I strongly recommend Andrew if you need to restructure or just want solid, impartial
advice on a range of financial services, it’s worth your time.
D. C. Frankston South

Andrew C from Frankston South (Refinancer) Frankston South, VIC

We have used a number of mortgage brokers over the years and would recommend all of them. Andrew Van Eede is the best of our mortgage brokers doing all the hard investigative work behind the scene in order to win us the best mortgage deals and chasing up the lenders in order to get to closure. We cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.

Kind regards,

John MacLeod (0417 126 240)

John Macleod (Refinancer) Hampton East, VIC

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