Finding the right Manly home loan

With so many home loans to choose from, expert help can streamline the process of finding the home loan in Manly that’s the perfect match for your needs.

Finding the right home loan is just as important as finding the right Manly home. Both need to suit your lifestyle as well as your budget. The trouble is, in a busy world, who has time to review every loan available?

Sure, there is a range of comparison sites available that can show the advertised rate on a variety of loans. But there are a few catches with these sites. First, the loans on display don’t reflect your needs. And secondly, not all home loans are displayed on these sites. In fact, some very competitive loans are only available to mortgage brokers in Manly like myself.

In a time-poor world, it makes sense to focus on what you do best, and call in expert support for other areas. This logic definitely applies to finding the right home loan in Manly.

Over 20 different lenders

As your local mortgage broker in Manly it’s my job to choose the loan that matches your circumstances from a panel of over 20 lenders including some of Australia’s biggest banks.

But my service doesn’t stop there. I can also complete the loan paperwork on your behalf and follow the progress of the loan all the way to settlement. So, no matter whether you’re putting in extra hours on an urgent project at work, or you’d just rather spend more time at the beach than filling out forms, the team from Mortgage Choice servicing Brookvale offer the support you need to streamline the home loan process.

Insights into what lenders look for

As I work closely with a variety of home loan lenders I have a thorough understanding of what each different lender looks for in terms of a deposit, personal income and property security. It’s a real plus when it comes to knowing which lenders are best suited to your circumstances. And it certainly speeds up the home loan process as it means you’re not trudging from lender to lender getting knock backs that can negatively impact your personal credit rating.

Of course, the ideal home loan doesn’t just come with a competitive rate, it should also have features that allow you to pay off your loan sooner or simply make your home loan easier to live with. I find many Manly home buyers are unsure about how various features work, let alone which home loan features are suited to their particular circumstances. An easy way to overcome this uncertainty is by speaking with myself and the experts at Mortgage Choice servicing Brookvale. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

To discover more about finding the home loan that’s right for you, call me today on 0409 536 097 or 02 9938 4511. Or email me at

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