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Anil Dadlani

Meet Anil Dadlani - your local Mortgage Choice broker in Craigieburn

Anil Dadlani

Anil Dadlani

Owner & Mortgage Broker (and passionate property buyer)
While building my own properties, I realised just how many lenders and loan options were out there. I loved searching through them, comparing them and talking to lenders to find the right way to structure my loans - and ended up saving myself thousands of dollars a year. But I realised that not everyone wants to do that for themselves! You could spend hours looking and still not know if you got a good deal. 
Mortgage brokers play a significant role in saving people time, money and energy when it comes to their home loan. As a data orientated person with a background in engineering and mathematics, I make sure that any deal I select for my customers is tailored for their needs and above all is the right deal.
I am available for my clients at anytime along the journey to chat through any questions they have about their finance or the property buying journey. Even after the loan is settled I continue to review their requirements from time to time and suggest other loan products or strategies that could save them money.
Call me today on 0421 648 447 to get started!

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