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Personal loans are a great, flexible source of finance. You can use a personal loan to take that dream holiday, pay for post graduate study or finance your next renovation. 

Life can offer up some big opportunities and we don't always have the cash to make the most of them! A personal loan can be a fantastic alternative to waiting to save enough money, or using your credit card and high interest rates to finance it. 

When is a personal loan a good idea?

A personal loan is usually for amounts ranging between $4,000 and $50,000 and can come unsecured, meaning you don't need to borrow against an asset - like a property. They usually last for a period of between 5-7 years, which means that paying them off quickly is key. 

Interest rates on personal loan are higher than that of mortgages but often lower than than credit card interest rates, offering a useful solution for those special projects.

It also means that as the amount is lower, and you are assessed on your credit and finance history, personal loans can be approved quickly. Personal loans can also come with a range of option and features, like fixed and variable home loan rates.

You can use your personal loan to:

  • pay for your dream wedding
  • buy furniture or renovate 
  • undertake post graduate studies
  • pay for a dream holiday
  • and more!

It's important that your personal loan is a good quality one

There are so many shoddy personal loans our there, ones that could see you paying more and for longer than you could be with a quality lender.

The Mortgage Choice team in Bexley & Kogarah have a great panel of personal loan lenders including ANZ, Latitude Financial and more. 

You don't have to perfectly fit the mould to get a personal loan either! Our range of lenders have tailored products to suit your lifestyle and your budget. 

Using a personal loan to consolidate your debt

It might surprise you, but a personal loan can be very useful if you are trying to take control of your finances. If you have a range of smaller debts like your credit card, car loan or other debts, consolidating them into one low rate loan could be a great way to pay them off faster.

Usually personal loans will have lower interest rates than other types of smaller loans, and have some great features available to help you get it paid off sooner.



We're passionate about good quality personal loans

Our team at Mortgage Choice in Bexley are passionate about finding a good quality personal loan that fits your life, and making sure you don't get trapped in a high rate loan. 

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