What Professionals do you Need when Buying a Property?

July 22, 2014
Chris Smith

Mortgage Broker: to assist with arranging your finance.


Conveyancer/Solicitor: to assist with transferring ownership of the property.

Real Estate Agent: to provide a selection of properties to suit your requirements.


Building/Pest Inspector: to provide you with a building and/or pest inspection report if required.

Valuer: your lender will arrange an independent valuer to inspect the purchased property for valuation purposes.

Property Manager: if the property is purchased for investment purposes, a property manager can source a tenant, collect the rent and inspect the property at regular intervals on your behalf.

Buyers Advocate: – can identify a property to satisfy your purchasing needs and may also be involved in bidding at auction on your behalf or negotiating the purchase price with the real estate agent.

Quantity Surveyor: can provide a depreciation schedule if the property has been purchased for investment purposes to help maximise the return from the investment property.


Mortgage Choice can not only help with your finance, but we're happy to recommend a trusted industry professional to assist you with all the other aspects that come with property ownership.




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