Creating an oasis at home

September 29, 2015
Whitney Evans

Comfort is key when creating an oasis in your outdoor space at home.

For an outdoor room to work it has to feel as comfortable as your living room. A sparsely furnished corner of the garden, courtyard or patio is not going to do the trick. Furniture has to ‘feel’ good to the body and ‘look’ pleasing to the eye to induce a sense of luxury and comfort. You would never decorate your living room with plain timber or metal furniture, so why do that outdoors?

Decoration is the finishing touch that makes all the difference to the outdoor experience. Whether it’s for alfresco dining or an outdoor conversation setting around a fire-pit, the way the furniture is arranged will affect how easy the space is to use and how good it feels to spend time in. Lots of outdoor furniture is built for comfort these days and guests will find it easier to settle in if the built-in bench has a soft cushion to sit on.

Fine tune the mood with soft, lamp lighting, or scented candles in hurricane lanterns. Have a lidded basket handy which contains cosy throw rugs to snuggle up with your loved ones around the fire-pit.

Think of your outdoor room as a ‘growing investment’. Just like your kitchen and bathrooms, it has become just as important to renovate your backyard to add value and lifestyle to your property. Once you start thinking this way about your outdoor space, I am sure more ideas will come to you of how you can create an oasis at home, with a feeling of intimacy, luxury and comfort.

by Jamie Durie,
Award-winning designer, author & environmentalist


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