Mortgage Broker vs the Bank?

June 12, 2014
Jenika Clifford

Some borrowers still go straight to the bank when applying for a loan; this is a natural instinct but by going to the bank you are limiting yourself to that particular banks product and most likely not getting the best deal.


Australian borrowers are increasingly utilising the services of a mortgage broker and some banks source over 40% of their new loan business from mortgage brokers.

As a mortgage broker, Mortgage Choice Bundall have the option of more than 25+ lenders to choose from and over 300+ loan products. Even if you do want to go with your bank you can still use a mortgage broker to process your loan and manager your paperwork on your behalf. 


4 Benefits to choose a Mortgage Broker 

  1. Experience – Antony Muir, Mortgage Choice Bundall Principal/Mortgage Broker has over 10 years’ experience in the industry and built rapport with a number of different lenders.
  2. Commitment – As a dedicated franchisee owner, Antony Muir is committed to his clients not just during the process of the loan but many years after the settlement of the loan. As circumstances change and interest rates fluctuate Mortgage Choice Bundall offers a free home loan health check; this means we can review your loan and ensure it is still the right product for you.
  3. Fast – As Mortgage Choice Bundall processes more than 30 loans a month, we know exactly what requirements the banks need and usually receive Unconditional Approval within 48 hours of submitting a loan application.
  4. Informative – As your mortgage broker, we are always keeping you up to date. We call our clients at every stage of the process from;
  • Submitting loan
  • Lender reviewing application
  • Receiving Conditional approval
  • Receiving Unconditional approval
  • Settlement


As a client you will be dealing with the same people every time who understands your application inside and out


Let Mortgage Choice Bundall take the hassle out of finding the right loan for your; with no cost to you, as Mortgage Choice Bundall is paid commission from the bank, there is no harm in having more options presented to you by our mortgage broker.


Call Mortgage Choice in Bundall, Gold Coast today 07 5504 5569 or do your research and check out our website MortgageChoiceBundall/antony.muir


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