Refinancing to a different loan

September 28, 2015
Whitney Evans

Why should you consider refinancing your home loan?

With today’s competitive lending market and changing home loan products, it’s a great time to meet with Mortgage Choice Bundall to review your personal circumstances and goals to ensure that your loan is working as hard as it can for you.

As your local home loan expert, We will meet with you to provide a free evaluation of your current home loan, gain an understanding of your circumstances and then compare your loan with hundreds of others, to see if there is a better deal for you.

  • More key reasons why refinancing could be right for you
  • Increase the amount of money at hand for day to day living
  • Repay a loan faster and save on interest
  • Consolidate debts (remember, this will stretch those debts over the entire loan term)
  • Increase the loan amount to buy an investment property or to make property improvements
  • Increase the loan amount to access funds for education or to buy personal goods such as a vehicle, boat, etc.
  • Extend the loan term so regular repayments are reduced; or
  • Switch to a cheaper or more suitable property loan


Refinancing considerations

To help us determine if refinancing is the best solution for you, Our Broker will meet with you to:

  • Establish why you want to refinance
  • Confirm aspects of your existing loan, such as the current interest rate and type of rate (variable or fixed), ongoing fees and available features
  • Decide what aspects of a loan are most important to you
  • Figure out what loan features you ‘need’ as opposed to ‘want’
  • Consider options from all types of lenders because a more suitable option may be from a lender you are unfamiliar with
  • Assess future requirements e.g. how flexible the product will be if you change your plans later on
  • Determine the costs of refinancing because it may be cheaper to keep the existing loan rather than pay additional fees With hundreds of home loan products on the market and your ever-changing personal circumstances, I highly recommend you undertake a free home loan health check before making the decision to refinance.

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