Reviewing your Home Loan could save you money

August 26, 2014
Jenika Clifford

Home loan interest rates have dropped to all-time lows, there is competition for your mortgage out there! That’s why it’s highly recommended to review your home loan every couple of years, you may be surprised at the different choices available to you.


Take advantage of the changing market

With 27 different lenders and over 300 loan products to select from, Mortgage Choice Bundall will do all the research to ensure you receive the most suitable home loan, with the most competitive rate.


What are the benefits?

Meeting with a Mortgage Broker is not just about finding a cheaper interest rate but discussing your overall financial goals and making your money work hard for you.


If you’re unsure you are ready for a Home Loan Health Check, ask yourself the following questions:


1.       Do you know your current interest rate?

Interest rates are constantly fluctuating and there are always new loan products entering the market. Having a competitive interest rate will ensure you are paying off your loan quicker.

2.       Have you recently received a pay rise or bonus?

Adding a lump sum contribution to your home loan can reduce the interest owed and the term of your loan.

3.       Have you moved from single income to a double income?

Using your second income to repay your home loan off sooner and/or build equity to upsize, renovate or purchase an investment property. Using an offset account could reduce the overall interest charged on the loan.


So what are you waiting for?

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Stop paying too much.

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