So many choices………… little time

March 10, 2015
Heather Kellcurcy

Continuing on from last week's blog......

How do I choose the right home loan?

Normally you would start looking for what is out there by surfing the internet in the evening or go home loan shopping during your lunch break.

You may end up with a bucket full of information, home loan deals and other options available, e.g. discount off the interest rate and an offset account and then you go into home loan overload.

How do I choose what I need from a home loan?

What do the deals give me?

When will I have time to go through all this information and make a decision?

Make this decision, get someone else to do the walking and talking for you.

Your time is better spent enjoying time with friends and family, relaxing and being comfortable that you have someone else looking after your home loan choices.

This is when you contact Antony and Scott who are the professionals that will do the "walk and talk"  with Lenders...give us a call

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