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Ash Dalla Lana

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Ash is passionate about providing an outstanding mortgage broking service and consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.

“When dealing with lenders, I go in to bat for my clients, negotiating on their behalf. Having someone in your corner like this helps take the stress out of borrowing,” says Ash.

Professional, trustworthy and personable, Ash prides himself on enabling open and transparent communication with his clients and believes this is essential to being a great mortgage broker.

“I keep in constant contact with my clients and I’m always available to assist with any questions or concerns,” says Ash.

“I’m also an expert listener, which ensures I understand what my clients need, as well as their particular financial circumstances. This way, I can select the loan product that suits them best, that won’t put them in financial hardship down the track. I also make sure they fully understand the product they are choosing and all the implications it will have for their future.”

Ash can service all of Melbourne, the surrounding areas and beyond.

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