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Ash Edwards

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Buying a property is like rowing a boat! Let me clarify.

For the boat to move forward and build momentum, you need to keep your OARs in balance.

It is the same with buying a property, your TWO OARs are 'Debt' and 'Equity', you need to keep them balanced so you can reach your destination safely and without wasting energy.

As a property investor myself, I have been through this journey many times and I would be happy to share my story with you.

I have operated a number of small businesses in the past, worked in Higher Education and the Health Industry, which have given me a broader understanding of many industries and how they are viewed by our lenders.

I based my business on the 'Be principle': Be Professional, Accountable and Precise.

I listen to understand, and conduct extensive research on your behalf to find the loan product that will best align with your needs.

I focus on making your property purchase journey a safe, rewarding and enjoyable one.

Happy to have a no obligation chat at a time that is suitable to both of us.

Check out my reviews, they tell the story.

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