Tips To Keep The Kids Busy During Holidays

November 28, 2016
Ashley Simmons

So you're really wanting to sort out your finances before the new year hits, but are tight for time. Well with the Christmas holidays approaching, chances are you're not going to get much more time once the kids finish school!

How then can you give the kids something to do and still give yourself the time you need. Here are some great local tips/ideas from the Bayside area:

  • Cinemas (Village or Palace) - with so many new releases coming out, this is a great way to keep them amused (provided their old enough to go without you)
  • 'Kids Space' (Cheltenham) - a great place for kids of all ages. Parents can even sit and relax while trying to see if their children are still in the building!
  • Go-Karting - whether indoors or outdoors, it still gets them out from in front of a screen and doing something active
  • 'Play Days' (Sandringham) - probably one more for the 'littlies'. This one's a great chance for the parents to have a time-out while the toddlers make new friends
  • Laser Tag/Paintball - ok so generally one the boys tend to love. Another opportunity to get them burning up energy!
  • Play-overs - there's nothing as good as sharing a play date or 'sleepover' with school friends, courtesy of like-minded school parents

With the kids tied up it should give you a chance to review your current circumstances, whether it be your home loan, car finance, insurance or perhaps your future financial plan.

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