The ASPIRE Story

Aspire is an initiative, founded by Mortgage Choice, that celebrates and supports the female role models in our network and empowers upcoming female talent who are the future of our franchise organisation.

The Aspire program aims to inspire women in mortgage broking and financial planning to reach their goals and overcome challenges by equipping them with invaluable tools and resources.

Inspiring all women in the mortgage broking and financial advice industry to reach their goals, by overcoming any challenge that may come their way through gaining the tools and resources needed for success, is the forefront of this initiative.

In a male dominated industry, it’s no surprise that women find it hard to make their mark and achieve success, but not here. We have outstanding business owners in our network (existing and upcoming talent) who continue to trailblaze each and every day - proving you can and will achieve whatever you put your mind to.

“The more we collectively shine a light on women that are doing well, the more we will encourage other women to follow in their footsteps and break down the barriers” - Mortgage Choice CEO Susan Mitchell.

We want to guide you to running your business, focusing on the power and support of the Mortgage Choice community. The world is starting to realise that it’s missing out on a range of unlimited talent and opportunity to be astounding, by not giving women equal opportunity. 

Aspire is now more than just an initiative, it’s a pillar of Mortgage Choice, with our aspiration being - to build and support a thriving network, celebrating each and every person, mentoring and encouraging the future women of the finance industry.  

So Aspire, be inspired and be ready to trailblaze. We’ll be here every step of the way getting you ready.

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Learn more about the Mortgage Choice community and how you can build your own business with the support of an iconic brand.

Upcoming events

Next up on our Aspire program is a series of online, digital masterclasses. Attendees will hear from High Performance Coach Kate McKenna, who has designed three masterclasses, to help equip people with the right tools to build resilience, maintain energy and develop a high-performance mindset in challenging times and allow individuals to achieve business and personal goals with purpose. 

Kate’s passion is to help people to be the best version of themselves, using elite performance strategies to drive outcomes. As a High Performance Coach with a background in financial services, Kate offers a unique understanding of the pressures faced by leaders and business teams today. 

Introducing Kate McKenna

As a High Performance Coach with a background in financial services, Kate offers a unique understanding of the pressures faced by leaders and business teams today.

Attend upcoming events by joining the Mortgage Choice brand today!

Attendees will participate in three masterclasses, covering a range of different topics.

Explores a range of practical tips to help improve energy and performance management.

Exploring good mental fitness and building resilience both personally and across the team.

Leaves attendees with an understanding of your Goals, Values and Purpose.

“What a great day & a great bunch of powerful women to be with. It was such a privilege to be amongst them all. Well done to all who have organised this fantastic event. I look forward to our next one" - Aspire roadshow event attendee

Real women inspiring you to be fearless!

With so many successful women in the Mortgage Choice family, we want to share our leading ladies are continually making an impact in not only the Mortgage Choice family but within the finance industry.

Meet our leading ladies

Belinda Sugars

Beginning her Mortgage Choice journey in 2005, Belinda is successfully running her business in Parkside, South Australia. Belinda is active in her local community, participating in fundraising, charity initiative and recently completed a walk for Catherine House.

Michelle Liddle

Michelle has been a Financial Adviser in Melbourne since 2016. Michelle's franchise is linked to one of the largest broking franchises in the Mortgage Choice network.

Gorana Masic

Gorana has been a mobile broker for her business in Richmond since 2015 and although she just recently returned from maternity leave, she’s back in full swing and proving that you definitely can have the best of both worlds.

Leanne Johnstone

Leanne joined Mortgage Choice in 2002, and is a one stop shop for all things Mortgage Choice and the broking industry. Leanne was recently named Single Operator of the Year at the Mortgage Choice National Conference 2020.

Tracey Peters

Tracey decided to make the leap and run her own business in 2016. She was already a high performing mobile lender at Newcastle Permanent but decided she wanted to run her own business and is achieving incredible results. She is successfully running her own Mortgage Choice shop front and continues to be recognized as a rising star in the NSW network.

Joanna Croft

Jo works as a local Mortgage Broker in Southern Gold Coast & Northern NSW. She’s extremely successful and was recently named as a finalist for the Mortgage and Finance broker of the year category for the Women in Finance Awards 2020.

Deslie Taylor

Along with her multi-award winning team of Mortgage Brokers on the Gold Coast, Ormeau QLD, Deslie has a world of knowledge and experience within the industry.

Anna Stojanovski

With over 20 lenders on her panel and hundreds of successful home loans, Anna Stojanovski believes that caring for customers should be the number one priority.

Carrie Wilson

Carrie is an Owner, Manager and Loans Consultant with over 20 years experience in the legal and finance industries. Carrie brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her clients at Mortgage Choice Ipswich.

Helen Tembath

With over 20 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, Helens dedication to her clients and team is one of the main reasons she’s found success as an Owner, Manager and Loans Consultant in Ipswich.

Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Caroline Jean-Baptiste is a successful, award winning Mortgage Broker in Fortitude Valley New Farm, Spring Hill, Newstead and Teneriff.

Read about all our successful women

Partnership with Tilly

We are excited to be partnered with Tilly Money. Tilly Money is all about building the financial strength and independence of women, which really aligns with the Aspire campaign objectives.

Tilly Money is an online platform providing not only resources, but a place for women to learn, create wealth and investment, so that they can gain and achieve independent lives. 

Tilly has some fantastic resources and learning materials for everyone to access including; weekly podcasts, articles, videos, regular newsletters and hubs that enable women to be engaged, connect and inspired.       

Check out their latest podcasts.

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