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Being a landlord. Who me?

Increased competition between lenders means there could be advantages in reviewing your mortgage on a regular basis. You…

Illness Or Injury And Your Mortgage

Our health and wellbeing plays a vital role in managing a home loan – Mortgage Choice broker Fairien Azeem explains the…

Lifestyle Series Reverse Mortgage

When retirement rolls around it’s time to put your feet up and unwind while your home goes to work generating extra cash…

Lifestyle Series Buying A House

You’ve set the date, chosen the ring and finalised the guest list. For many couples, the decision to tie the knot coinci…

Devil You Know Or Greener Pastures

Locking in a fixed interest rate or switching lenders altogether is the great debate now with lenders adjusting their in…

Lifestyle Series Empty Nesters

We will be publishing a series of blog posts discussing possible life changing events, how it impacts your finances and…

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