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Property Outlook for October 2014

With the traditionally hot spring selling season in full swing, now could be the perfect time to purchase your dream pro…

October Consumer Update

Do you have an investment property that you are thinking about renting out to a member of your family?

4 simple steps to happiness

Like to increase your happy factor? It’s easy – just follow 4 simple and scientifically proven, steps to bliss.

Feng Shui and home happiness

Nourish your spirit - and make your home a happier place, by following a few basic feng shui practices

Building our HappyAs future

I can’t wait for March 2015. That’s when my wife Jane and I will be moving into our first home. It’s a new build, and it…

Why pets make us happy

They shed hair on the carpet, need to be fed and watered, and hog the bed. But pets offer a whole lot of love, and chanc…

5 happiest places in the world

What is it about some places? They just make us feel happy. Yet the place that is special for you may seem inconsequenti…