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It all starts with a goal, what's yours? Buy or build my first home and and have questions about the process

What happens at a first home buyers seminar

When you’re buying your first property – to live in it or rent out as an investment, getting off to a positive start with your research makes a big difference.

By Caroline Jean-Baptiste
Mortgage Choice broker in Brisbane, Queensland

When you're buying your first property – to live in it or rent out as an investment, getting off to a positive start with your research makes a big difference.

A great way to get hold of quality information – that doesn't cost you a cent either – is to attend a Mortgage Choice first homebuyer seminar. These are  informative, relaxed seminars where you can ask as many questions as you like in a friendly environment.

Doing your research online, via magazines, the real estate pages of your local newspapers and via word of mouth may be helpful, but it's hard to Google what you simply don't know.

That's why meeting with a qualified mortgage broker in person can help. We're involved with the property/home buying process every day, so we know what's involved from start to finish. We can help take the stress out of buying your first home.

How can a first homebuyer seminar help?

You get access to the Mortgage Choice network of experts, including the company's experienced broker network. We usually bring in guest speakers including accountants, solicitors and real estate agents – giving you greater insights into the property buying process from a wide range of angles.

What should I expect to learn from a seminar?

You'll get a good understanding of the property buying process, who's involved (e.g. solicitor, conveyancer, accountant), a sense of how much you could borrow and the home loan options available.

What information can I take away with me from the seminar?

We'll give you a Step-by-Step Guide to Property Ownership, a home loan repayment calculator,  up-to-date information about the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) and how you qualify. Also, a free RP Data account is available to seminar attendees from 24th August to the 8th October (be sure to take advantage of this!)…the list goes on! You certainly won't walk away empty-handed.

We'll also give you a list of respected websites to visit and a blank Contract of Sale, to help you become familiar with what you're signing when you make your offer.

You also get the opportunity to get all your questions answered, such as:

  • What are the most suitable types of home loans for investing in property?
  • What are the advantages of fixed or variable rates?
  • How can you use the equity in an existing home for a deposit?
  • How can you benefit tax-wise from negative gearing?
  • What's the outlook for the housing market generally?

The seminars are also a great opportunity for you to meet other like minded people, who will also contribute to your learning experience with their questions and comments. You can bounce ideas off each other!

What can I get from a seminar that I can't find online?

For starters, it's all about YOU.

You get answers that are specific to your individual/personal circumstances and leave knowing what steps you need to take to put you in the place you ultimately want to be, whether it be to own your home outright or build a property portfolio. Getting the right information from the beginning is imperative.

Who generally speaks at a Mortgage Choice first homebuyer seminar?

We invite a range of guest speakers that you'll generally encounter when buying a home. This may include solicitors/conveyancers, accountants and real estate agents and your local home loan specialist

If you have any additional questions or comments regarding the First Home Buyers seminar please either leave a comment below or contact me on my website.

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