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Capital city suburbs with the longest ‘hold periods’ – Adelaide

Are properties in long ‘hold period’ suburbs a better investment?

Are properties in long ‘hold period' suburbs a better investment?

A ‘hold period' is a calculation which measures the time period between sales, expressed in years. Suburbs with long ‘hold periods' are long established desirable areas with good infrastructure. This week we look at suburbs in Adelaide with some of the longest ‘hold periods'. The Adelaide suburbs examined this week include:

  • Wayville – The ‘hold period' is one of the longest out of any of the suburbs in Adelaide being an average of 9.3 years.
  • Woodville – this suburb has an average ‘hold period' of 9.1 years.

Plus coverage of:

  • This weeks Tax Tip is about varying your withholding tax amount on income to allow you access to a tax refund throughout the year instead of waiting untill the end.
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