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Sources of data for property investment

Understanding the market in a particular area is a must before you put up a large amount of money, but where can you go for information?

If you are thinking about investing in property, it is imperative you do your research first. Understanding the market in a particular area is a must before you put up a large amount of money, but where can you go for information?

Mortgage Choice reveals the best places for information on property investment.

Investment magazines

There are several publications dedicated to Australian property investment. These magazines feature articles related to the latest trends in the real estate market across the country. You can benefit even more by reading articles related to smart investment techniques. You may learn how to save your money in order to keep your mortgage payments under control, or how to invest wisely for the greatest return.

Government data

The Australia Bureau of Statistics maintains records related to the real estate market. If you want to review the facts related to market growth and potential, this information is available to the public online. It generally takes over a month for statistics to be released, so the data may be a little old by the time you're able to access this information. However, these concrete facts give you a good place to start when you're thinking about investing in property.

News outlets

Any section of a newspaper or news website related to real estate will include information about property investments and the latest trends in the market. Follow several news outlets on a daily basis and observe the changes to get a clear picture of the direction in which the real estate market is heading.

Mortgage brokers

Many people believe that mortgage brokers simply facilitate the mortgage approval process, but the knowledge that these professionals have acquired over the years means that they have valuable insight to offer when you're considering property investment. Brokers with property investment experience are able to help you identify and avoid any financial pitfalls that you may encounter when you are getting ready to purchase a property. While brokers focus on the financial side of buying investment property, these professionals are able to observe trends in the local real estate market because of their close involvement in the market.

The most important thing to remember when you're thinking about property investment is to gather information from more than one data source and compare changes on an ongoing basis. Observe the trends in your desired area before making your major financial investment. 


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