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It all starts with a goal, what's yours? Buy or build my first home and

Building our #HappyAs future in Mount Hawthorn

I can’t wait for March 2015. That’s when my wife Jane and I will be moving into our first home. It’s a new build, and it will be a wonderful investment.

I can't wait for March 2015. That's when my wife Jane and I will be moving into our first home. It's a new build, and it will be a wonderful investment. Securing a home loan wasn't easy for us – but our Mortgage Choice broker got a home loan over the line for us.

I met Jane in the German city of Frankfurt, where she was working as an au pair. She's a Perth girl, and I decided to migrate to Australia from Germany to be with her. I often joke with friends that Jane imported me!

Back in 2011 we found a block of land that offered a great spot to build our first home. The Mount Hawthorn location is brilliant - just five kilometres from Perth's city centre. But having only been in Australia for a couple of years it was hard for me to secure finance. The more we researched the home loan market and saw how many loans were available, the more we realised it made sense to get professional advice.

A friend recommended using a mortgage broker, and we chose Mortgage Choice because their home loan service didn't cost us anything. Plus their brokers are paid the same commission no matter which lender we decided to use.

Our Mortgage Choice broker, was great from the start. I'm the sort of person who wants to know how everything works and why a particular loan is suited to my needs. So when he said we could call him any time, we certainly took him up on that.

I had so many questions to ask. Our broker was always really patient and extremely knowledgeable. He answered everything I wanted to know about the loan and how it would work.

Best of all, he explained why the loan was the right choice for us.

We used that first loan to buy the land, and from there we were able to start designing our home. The block is slightly unusual and there have been a few delays getting everything approved by council – it turns out that's not a bad thing though. Our architect has helped us maximise every bit of space in the design, and with a bit of extra time up our sleeves we've been able to make small changes to the plans and now we think it's perfect. We'll certainly never have to look back and think “if only we'd done this or added that”.

Mortgage Choice also helped us when we needed a loan to build the house. It was much easier second time around, and with construction underway the house is shaping up be awesome.

The help we've enjoyed from Mortgage Choice has made us very happy. It was fantastic to buy the land we wanted, and we're really excited about settling into our new home. I've recommended Mortgage Choice to our friends and family too - so that they can feel as happy about their next home loan as we are with ours.


Jonas and Caroline Goldsmith,
#HappyAs home builders from Mount Hawthorn

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