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Feng Shui and home happiness

Nourish your spirit - and make your home a happier place, by following a few basic feng shui practices

Nourish your spirit - and make your home a happier place, by following a few basic feng shui practices.

A calm environment can provide space to clear your thoughts, find new focus and reinvigorate your energy levels. Making a few simple feng shui-based adjustments to your home can leave you happier and more relaxed, turning each room into a special sanctuary.

Cast your shoes – and worries off at the doorway

Taking your shoes off before entering your home is a symbolic act that lets you leave workday stress at the door. No matter what challenges the day has delivered, they can all be left outside your home leaving the interior calm and soothing.

Place an attractive shoe rack or pretty shoe trunk beside the front entranceway to inspire your guests to leave their shoes at the door also. Be sure not to clutter up the entranceway though. A good feng shui home has a smooth flow of energy to the front door.

Declutter for inner calm

Ever noticed how clutter can lead to confusion and stress? Keeping your home orderly and free from clutter doesn't just help you find the things you need – from car keys to important letters, it can also help you find inner calm.

Give your home a thorough tidy up – from the kitchen cupboards to the bedroom closets, to lower stress levels and let you maintain a sense of peace and happiness. You'll feel the benefits of clear, free flowing energy to lighten your mood.

Fill your home with light

Sunlight and fresh air are two of nature's greatest rejuvenators. Allow natural light to enter your home wherever possible and add a generous dash of potted greenery to each room to help keep the air fresh. This will enhance your feng shui energy (or chi) and put an extra spring in your step.

Choose a relaxing colour palette

Colour has a tremendous impact on our moods. Soothing earth tones and soft neutral colours are essential to create a calm space. Whether it is your home's walls or the accessories you use, add a gentle character to each room by opting for blues, lavenders, creams and pale greens that encourage a sense of peace and tranquillity.  Be aware of how you and your family respond to different colours, and focus on those that leave you feeling happy and contented.

Keep your home healthy

We're all busy but it is worth taking time to fix anything that is broken, chipped or cracked around your home. Our homes are like an extension of ourselves, and your home's health needs to be nurtured to be a place of happiness.

For more ideas on boosting your personal happiness, talk to your Mortgage Choice broker to check that you have the home loan that's right for you needs. It can enhance your sense of calm and restore clarity to your finances.

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