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5 DIY tricks to bring happiness to you - and your home

Bring joy to every room in your home with a five budget-friendly decorating tips.

Your home is a special place right? With a few simple strategies it can also be an endless source of love, laughter and happiness - without breaking the bank.

1. Add white for light and cheery

There's something about light, bright spaces that sends our mood soaring, and nothing creates a sense of light more strongly that white walls.

Beach Style Living Room by Other Metro Building Project Managers J.M. Kent Building Inc.

Perhaps it's because white reflects light, creating a prism of energy-inspiring colours. Whatever the case, there is a whole spectrum of different ‘whites' to choose from (just ask your paint retailer) and it can turn even the dimmest rooms into a sanctuary of smiles.

2. Make a splash, be bold

Contemporary Family Room by New
York Architects D'Aquino Monaco Inc.

Remember the expression ‘first impressions count'? It's never more appropriate than in a home's entrance area. Strong bold colours make a statement that you're confident and in control – and that can be a vital source of energy and inspiration for visitors to your home.

Whether you choose bright paints, wild wallpaper, a boldly coloured piece of furniture or a simple vase of flowers, adding a daring splash of colour in your entranceway can put a spring in your step that lasts the whole day.

3. Add whimsy, let your sentiments run wild

We all love a surprise, and there's nothing like a few whimsical knick knacks around your home to keep things from becoming too serious.

Okay, Nan's teapot or your 5-year old's artwork may not reflect the latest designer trends. But if they are special to you that's what matters. So keep the smiles coming by putting special objects in unexpected places.  It lets you pack your home with positive memories.

4. Go for curvilicious furniture

Round shapes have a way of softening a room, making the space more inviting and bringing people together. Go for curves in your furnishings – from cylindrical lamp shades to circular ottomans and oval dining tables, the soft lines create a sense of ease, and that's a plus to make us all happier.

Contemporary Kitchen by Melbourne Home BuildersPlatinum Building Group

5. Renovate for shared experiences – not the latest trends

Research continually shows that possessions don't create happiness; shared experiences do. So look for renovation projects that bring people and good times to your home – like a new barbecue for a summer get-together, a home theatre system for family move nights or just an extra comfy lounge to kick back and relax with friends.

What else can you do to make your home happy? Try having the home loan that's right for you needs. It's the foundation that home happiness can be built on. 

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