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How to host the perfect Summer barbeque

Spring has well and truly sprung- the sun is staying out for longer, the nights are heating up and Summer is just around the corner.

Spring has well and truly sprung- the sun is staying out for longer, the nights are heating up and Summer is just around the corner.

As such, there isn't a better time for you to make the most of the hotter weather and your home by throwing the perfect Summer barbeque.

Check out the following tips on how you can host the ideal Summer barbeque.

Choose a theme

Depending on who your guests are, choose your theme accordingly. Will your barbeque be a traditional Aussie afternoon with family, friends or colleagues? If so, opt for a casual and relaxed picnic style environment with ample garden chairs and tables to accommodate your guests.

Brighten up your eating area with touches of spring and summer sorbet colours with the help of table cloths, pillows, napkins and drinking cups. In keeping a relaxed and fun theme, you can still effortlessly dress up your décor with flowers and candles.

Have your afternoon feeling fresh by scattering vibrant wild flowers around the tables for a pop of natural colour. As the sun goes down, add light by introducing a few candles to your area. Not only will candles help to enhance your outdoor space by creating a cosy atmosphere, but – if you manage to grab some citronella candles - they'll help keep those pesky mozzies away, killing two birds with one stone.

Get your grill on

Be a master of the barbie this year by delighting your guests with delicious yet easy foods.

Chicken and lamb in the form of easy to eat small pieces on a skewer is a great choice for a lovely afternoon feast. Both meats are easy to prepare and cook, they're versatile in the way they can be served and they're most commonly a crowd pleaser.

Hamburgers should also make an appearance at a barbeque - the ingredients can be purchased at a low cost, they're simple to make and you can get the kids involved in making them too! A classic Aussie barbecue can't go without a few assorted sausages either. Be sure to also make the most of this season's fresh fruit and veggies by grilling your ingredients and creating healthy salads.


Play music in the background of your area for a chilled and fun vibe, adding to the overall atmosphere of your afternoon. Keep the kiddies occupied by allowing simple and fun outdoor games such as Frisbee, backyard cricket, catch with a ball or any other games for your guests to enjoy at their own leisure.

Keep it fresh

Keep your guests cool by serving refreshing beverages. Beer is standard, however wine, champagne, cocktails and festive punches are also ideal for a spring barbecue. For a non-alcoholic beverage, serve ice cold water, cordials, non-alcoholic punches, iced-tea and fruit juices. Add frozen fruit to your drinks for a fun and sweet treat.

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