The latest in car innovations

Personal vehicles have never been as technologically equipped as they are today.

Features that were once conceptual or reserved for luxury models have become increasingly accessible, with many included as standard on the average family car. Today’s family cars are safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and are loaded with enough technology that is sure to satisfy the most discerning technophile.

Competition is fierce among car manufacturers and you might be surprised to learn just how much innovation you can get for your dollars. We break down the latest in car innovations so you know what to look for when you’re on the hunt for your next car.


  • If you prioritise car safety above other features, check the vehicle’s safety rating on the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) website. They test cars based on a range of factors and give them a safety rating out of five.
  • Driver assist systems, which provide you with alerts and help you avoid potential hazards in your blind spots. Some cars include sensors which detect pedestrians, objects and other vehicles; auto parking; lane departing alerts; brake assist, which help avoid collisions; active or adaptive cruise control, which dynamically adjusts your car’s speed without you having to touch the brake; windscreen heads up displays and more.
  • Surround cameras: the evolution of the reverse camera, which provide you with a 360 degree, birds-eye view of your vehicle helping you drive, and park, more safely.
  • Dual frontal, side chest protecting, knee, side torso and curtain airbags provide cushioning against the impact of a crash.


  • Fuel consumption will vary based on a number of factors such as the model, make, number of cylinder engines, your driving style and more.
  • Automatic start stop function which shuts down the engine, therefore reducing fuel consumption.
  • Diesel engines typically get you more kilometres out of your tank however the servicing costs involved may be higher than the petrol version of the same model and make.


  • Electric, heated and ventilated seats are now more accessible in the average family vehicle.
  • Proximity key is a fob you can keep in your bag or pocket which allows you to open and start your car when you are within range.
  • GPS to help you plan the best route and guide you to your destination.


  • Touch screens are now replacing instrument panels and centre consoles in many new models and high resolution digital displays are being integrated into dashboards.

Rise of green cars

  • Stamp duty is exempt on electric cars in the ACT so if you live in the nation’s capital and want to go green, you could save on on-road costs.
  • Luxury car tax breaks apply to businesses that sell or import luxury cars with a certain fuel consumption, which could reduce the overall cost to you if you are on the market for a luxury vehicle.

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