Why you should consider a motorcycle

What do you currently drive and how many wheels does it have? We know it’s a strange question to ask, but if you’re currently using 4 wheels, would you consider halving that number?

Whether riding a motorcycle has been a passing thought, or you’ve never considered it previously – we’ve put together a few good reasons to toss it up as your next vehicle purchase.

Lane filtering

How does it sound being able to (safely) move between stationery cars when it’s bumper to bumper on your way to and from work? Well, turns out that the dimensions of a motorcycle allows you to do just that. There are laws which differ between each state – so it’s good to have a read through what they are to know when it’s an appropriate time to do so. Click on your state below to find out the rules around lane filtering:

Parking is a breeze

So, you never learnt how to reverse park in a car? The whole concept seemed a little confusing when you first started learning how to drive and just the thought of committing to a reverse park when someone is waiting in a car behind you, scares the life out of you (I understand your pain).

Turns out parking a motorcycle is super simple. All that is required is backing the bike in manually by stepping it back into the spot you wish to park. It also means you’ll never find a spot that’s a little too squishy again.

Think of efficiency and economy

You wouldn’t be alone thinking that opting for a motorcycle would mean better fuel efficiency, saving a few dollars and reducing the impact on the environment. Back to thinking about the last time you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. You’re just sitting there chewing up petrol and not getting anywhere. With lane filtering allowed, when it is safe to do so, you’re getting more out of your tank of fuel.

Motorcycles also generally cost a fraction of the cost to purchase, insure, maintain and fix compared to cars. Not to mention the money you would save on petrol each week.

Some of the most fuel efficient motorcycles are1:

  • Honda Grom 125 – with up to a whopping 44 kilometres per litre
  • Honda CB500X – with a fuel efficiency of up to 34 kilometres per litre
  • Yamaha SR400 – with up to 28 kilometres per litre

You now have a hobby

Not only is it a form of transportation, but it’s also considered a hobby. How exciting is that? Finally, you have an answer for those first dates, awkward work interactions, job interviews or intrusive family questions regarding “what do you do in your spare time?”, “what are your hobbies?” or even “tell me a little something about yourself.”

Not only that, but there a whole heap of motorcycle groups you can join with different niches for the types of motorcycles there are and what you wish to do with yours. You can view a list of represented clubs on the Motorcycle Council of NSW website and get involved (https://mccofnsw.org.au/).

Why do you ride a motorcycle?

Here’s what Mortgage Choice staff have to say:

“My main reason for riding a motorcycle is the hobby for it. I like the visceral feelings I get from riding. I enjoy the feeling of the wind, the sound of the motorcycle, the vibrations felt on the seat and handles. I picked up learning how to motorcycle with a friend as a hobby and didn’t think I would be so into it. Going to and from work and not having to worry about parking is also a bonus.” – Kelvin O.

“Started riding out of curiosity. One of my first memories was being on the motorbike with my dad as a kid, and I loved it. My 15 year old daughter started to contemplate riding a motorcycle later on and my response was ‘as long as I ride with you’ that is okay.” – Cynthia H.

“I enjoy the feeling of freedom being on a motorbike. The catalyst of riding was the fact that I disliked public transport as there are the unreliability of buses not showing up. The driving experience of a motorcycle is much more engaging than a car.” – Phillip H.

“Started motorcycle riding at a young age with Trail bikes, having fun with friends and the adrenaline rush being on a motorcycle. I ride a motorcycle now for convenience and practicality of being able to hop on a bike, ride to work and park anywhere.” – Damien M.

At Mortgage Choice, we have access to a range of trusted lenders who can help get you on a new motorcycle faster with a low rate loan that best suits you.  You’ll be riding off into the sunset on two wheels in no time. Chat to your local Mortgage Choice broker today to get started.


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