First time buyers, Natasha and Nick, make a fresh start in their dream Queenslander home.

After looking at multiple properties over the last year, Natasha and Nick never lost sight of their dream - owning their very own home.

As first time buyers, having an expert on your side, can help cut through the complexity and give you the confidence you need to make the right decisions.   For Natasha and Nick, their Mortgage Choice broker was able to provide them with expert advice along every step of the way.

“Our Mortgage Choice broker guided us from start to finish and explained everything in depth and detail. We could not recommend him enough. We feel very grateful that he was able to assist us with one of the biggest life decisions we have ever made!”
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Q&A with first time buyers Natasha and Nick

Why did you decide to buy now?

“We have been ready to purchase for months, and have looked at numerous properties, though we were yet to find the “right” home. When the property we eventually bought came on the market, we immediately loved it! The property was for sale by public Auction. We were lucky enough to have the Vendors accept our offer 1 week prior to Auction. 

“The funny thing is, my partner was unable to physically inspect the property as he was stuck in a Bio-Security Zone working in Far North Queensland for the last 15 weeks. He had to trust his instincts and purchase our first home without physically inspecting it. Luckily, when he finally returned he absolutely LOVED it! Pheww!!!”

What type of property did you purchase and why?

“High Set Queenslander – built in the 1960’s.  We simply just fell in love with the home and we cannot wait to make it our own.”

How did Lindon, your mortgage broker help you with the process?

“He explained everything to us in depth and detail so we understood what was going on.” 

“Nothing was too hard for him & his team, and they were available to answer all of our questions whenever we needed to ask them! 

“He provided us with multiple scenarios and guided us to a mortgage that suited our personal situation best. We could not recommend Lindon enough – we feel very grateful that he was able to assist us with one of the biggest life decisions we have ever made.”

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If you want to get into a position to buy, there are steps you can take now to get ready for the future. At Mortgage Choice, we can help you explore your options and show you can make your home ownership goals a reality. Give us a call today.

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