Top tips to fast-track your home loan application!

Need a new home in a hurry? We explain what you could do to help get your home loan application across the line in super-fast time.

Article published 16 March 2021

It’s official – we’re in a seller’s market1, and that means buyers need to act fast to secure the home they want. 

Applying for a home loan shouldn’t have to drag on for weeks. A few preparations can help turbo-charge an application, speeding up unconditional home loan approval, and helping you beat other buyers to the home of your dreams.

1. Grow a deposit

You’ll usually need a deposit to secure a home, though thanks to initiatives like the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, you may only need as little as 5% deposit2 if you’re a first home buyer. 

Remember though, buying a home involves other upfront costs like stamp duty, legal fees, and pre-purchase pest and building inspections. So, you need to allow extra savings on top of your deposit to be in a position to buy.

Working out a savings plan – and sticking to it can help you reach your target deposit, If you’re unsure how much you need as a down payment, your Mortgage Choice broker can provide answers tailored to your situation. 

2. Reduce or eliminate other debts

Lenders like to know that you can comfortably manage home loan repayments, so it can be a potential issue if you’re already juggling a number of other debts.

Where possible, aim to pay off – or at least reduce, any outstanding debts before applying for a home loan. 

When it comes to credit cards, lenders are often more interested in your credit limit than the outstanding card balance. After all, you could potentially max out on card debt after you buy a home. Asking your card issuer to trim back your credit card limit before applying for a home loan, could strengthen your application.

3. Check your credit record

When you apply for a home loan, lenders will take a look at your credit record. It’s like a history of how well you’ve managed debt in the past.  So, it’s worth getting in first to see if there are any blacks marks on your record that need to be sorted before applying for a home loan. 

You can request a free copy of your credit record by contacting credit reference agencies like Illion and Equifax. 


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4. Gather all the paperwork you need

Your Mortgage Choice broker can provide valuable assistance filling out your loan application. But you still need to provide some key pieces of paperwork to show a lender you’ll be a great home loan customer! Having the documents lined up before applying for a loan will save valuable time.

Some of the paperwork you’ll need includes:

  • Proof of ID 
  • Proof of income such as several weeks of pay slips
  • Evidence of savings – usually copies of savings account statements
  • Proof of other assets you own such as a car or investment property, as well as details of any debts you owe.

Your Mortgage Choice broker can explain exactly which documents you need for your home loan application.

The best approach is to act now and be prepared! 

Applying for a home loan is something most people will only do a handful of times (or less) in their lifetime, so it can seem a confusing process. Expert advice can make it a lot easier.

Your Mortgage Choice broker can explain what’s involved in applying for a home loan, guide you through the process and help you apply with the right lender for your situation. Best of all, we can find the loan best suited to your needs from our extensive panel of lenders. 

Your local Mortgage Choice broker has forged strong relationships with lenders, and this can be your best asset, helping to fast-track your home loan application and get you approved quickly, so you can get into your new home sooner.

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