Top lighting tips

Clever lighting creates a focal point, enhances mood and offers a flattering glow to make a room more inviting and a complexion more lovely.

Clever lighting creates a focal point, enhances mood and offers a flattering glow to make a room more inviting and a complexion more lovely.

Let's face it, humans thrive on light and your home will benefit from a carefully considered lighting plan.

Find the right mix for each room

The primary role of lighting is to provide illumination and each room needs appropriate task-based lighting. That may mean down lights over the kitchen bench, overhead lighting in the study or table lamps for reading in the living room.

Ideally, different types of lighting should be placed at different levels throughout a room, and this can be achieved by combinations of lamps and lights set at various heights. Deciding the mix and location of light sources is important as power outlets will need to be strategically located to minimise cabling.

Create a focal point

A dramatic light is an effective way to create a focal point in a room. A chandelier hung above the dining table for instance makes the dining area the focus for your guests - aim to hang the light just above eye level so that it doesn't shine into the eyes of diners.

Thinking big gives pendant lights additional ‘wow' factor but always be mindful of the room's proportions. An oversized lampshade in a small room will simply make the room appear smaller.

Lighting can also be used to make artworks or design features a focal point.  Or you may find a light that is bold enough in itself to be the focal point of a room. Light shades are available in dramatic colours and fabrics – though be sure to consider the overall colour palette of the room. If carpets or furniture upholstery feature strong patterns you may be better off sticking to a single tone lampshade to avoid creating a sense of clutter.

Enhance mood

Lighting is a wonderful mood enhancer, and low-wattage bulbs often mimic the effect of candlelight. Lamp shades in a translucent fabric also help to diffuse light, creating a flattering glow. Dimmers can also help to create mood but be sure to select a light fitting marked as dimmable – some lights are not appropriate for use with a dimmer.

Along with enhancing mood, it pays to be practical. If you are adding lighting to a bedroom for instance, think about installing a 2-way switch that lets you stay snug in bed when you're ready to turn the lights out.

Finally, make safety a top priority by hiring a licensed electrician to install your lights and the necessary power outlets. They're the experts.

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