5 autumn planting ideas

Head into the garden in autumn to enjoy an extra burst of colour in spring.

Head into the garden in autumn to enjoy an extra burst of colour in spring.

We tend to think of spring as the ideal time for planting but there can be plenty of pluses to planting in autumn. By planting in the cool of autumn, you'll give your garden a great head start for the warmer months, and while you won't see instant blooms of colour, the plants will be hard at work below the soil establishing a strong root system for extra health and vitality in spring.

Grab a spade and a watering can, and try our five planting ideas to enjoy autumn in the garden.

1. Create a bed of bulbs

Planting bulbs in autumn will see your garden beds come alive with colour in spring. Mass plantings work best with bulbs like tulip, hyacinth or daffodils.

Remember to add a generous quantity of plant food to the soil to ensure healthy growth. Bulbs can also be grown successfully in pots – a great way to bring an apartment balcony to life.

2. Enjoy year round colour with roses

The lead up to Mother's Day often sees roses on sale anywhere from nurseries to department stores. These remarkably hardy plants are easy to grow and very forgiving of even the least green thumb.  Dig a generous hole for your roses, add some phosphorous for healthy root growth, and water in well. Cheap to buy and easy to grow, your roses should bloom year after year.

3. Make it a ‘herbilicious' autumn

Winter is just around the corner and that means wonderful, aromatic roasts, casseroles and soups are on the menu. There's nothing like fresh herbs to add flavour to winter dishes, and autumn is a great time to plant herbs like coriander, parsley, marjoram, rocket, oregano and thyme. Pick a spot that provides shelter from frost for the best results.

4. Plant from cuttings

If you have a plant you love, it's possible to enjoy more of the same – and save a fortune, by propagating. This simply means growing new plants from cuttings of an old one.  Perennials like geraniums are incredibly easy to propagate in autumn. Simply take a cutting, remove the flowers, trim back excess leaves and shoots, and plant in a container filled with well-watered potting mix.

5. Plant some summer shade

What a smart idea! Plant a deciduous tree in autumn to give your home or garden cooling shade in summer while enjoying the magnificent colours of autumn foliage today.

For amazing autumn tones of amber, scarlet and burgundy, try planting Japanese maple, or if you have plenty of space consider Liquidambar.

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