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Five tips for modern interior styling

Sleek, simple and spacious – modern design blends the best of today’s technology with personal comfort.

Sleek, simple and spacious – modern design blends the best of today's technology with personal comfort.

Modern home styling focuses on natural light, clean lines, geometric shapes and exciting materials like glass, concrete and even acrylics like lucite or plexiglass. It can all sound a bit industrial but with some planning – and our five clever tips – it's easy to create a warm and comfortable home that's very 21st century.

  • Keep it simple

One of the key cornerstones of modern home design is simplicity, and that means doing away with clutter. Keeping your décor simple creates a greater sense of space and light, and it can make rooms far more restful and less chaotic as well as easier to keep clean.

We tend to accumulate lots of prized possessions so it's worth giving some thought to storage. Bear in mind, accessories, framed photographs and objects you want to display around your home can be rotated from time to time, so achieving a modern look doesn't have to mean hiding your favourite treasures in storage. They just don't all have to be on show at the same time.

  • Embrace sleek lines

The simple, sleek lines of modern interior styling can be a little daunting because it is certainly a less decorative style than others. However modern styling does offer the advantage of making a room look bigger – especially if you stick to minimal furniture and accessories. The trick is to balance the overall look by creating a key focal point for each room – like an amazing art work or a bespoke piece of furniture.

  • Add warmth through natural materials

Modern interior design may harness industrial materials like glass, steel and concrete but adding some natural materials can create a softer atmosphere. A richly textured rug in a bold shade can be ideal for the living room or try stone benchtops in the kitchen to counterbalance stainless steel appliances. Leather is another natural material that helps to tone down the sleek appearance of modern interiors, and polished timber boards are both functional and still in keeping with the minimalist look of modern decor.

  • Have fun

Interior design is all about creating a home for your family not a showpiece, so don't be afraid to add a touch of whimsy. Geometric prints for instance can add colour and vibrance to your home – but aim for small doses so the end effect isn't too busy. Add geometric wallpaper to a feature wall, try chevron patterns in your scatter cushions or rugs, or consider roman blinds in a soft geo pattern.

Remember too, part of modern life involves considering sustainability. Using recycled or reclaimed materials can give your a home a unique sense of character as you breathe new life into old pieces.

  • Bring it together with lighting

Lighting is an important element of the modern style and ideally, it's worth aiming for as much natural light as possible. Leave windows free from unnecessary adornment - skip heavy drapes for lighter, natural fabrics and consider adding a skylight to south-facing rooms that receive minimal natural sunlight.

When it comes to illuminating your modern home, there is a wealth of exciting options to choose from. Downlights are excellent at highlighting focal points of a room. Up lamps can create dramatic emphasis, and pendant lights in acrylic materials can be used to compliment your modern styling – or look for natural materials to add contrast and warmth.

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