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“It’s not just about finding the right home”

Adelaide mum - Melinda, wanted a home loan that wouldn’t compromise her lifestyle.

Adelaide mum - Melinda, wanted a home loan that wouldn't compromise her lifestyle.

I'd been researching the Adelaide property market for about 12 months so I had certain suburbs in mind that I was especially interested in. But without a firm idea of how much I could afford to borrow it was difficult to really take the house-hunting process much further.

The one thing I was absolutely sure about was that I didn't want to overextend myself. I wanted to be able to enjoy a quality lifestyle with my children and not focus all my energy into paying off a home loan.

I considered approaching a bank directly but I felt they would just peddle their own products. I was aware that the local Mortgage Choice team held several industry awards so I gave them a call to arrange an appointment.

From the start, the Mortgage Choice team delivered a great experience. The appointment was arranged promptly, and all the office staff I dealt with were very friendly and knowledgeable about home loans. That was important to me because I had lots of questions to ask, and every query was answered in a way that was relevant to my needs and easy to understand.

I particularly appreciated the way that my Mortgage Choice broker really listened to my needs. She looked closely at my budget and explained options that would help me maximise the value of my deposit. We discussed a broad range of home loan products, and my broker remained focused on ensuring I was comfortable with the amount I was borrowing. There was never any pressure to borrow more than I needed, and this was something I really appreciated.

It was clear that my Mortgage Choice broker did plenty of work behind the scenes finding the loan that best suited my situation. As it turns out I chose a lender that I would never have considered if I had tried to arrange the loan myself.  

My Mortgage Choice broker also made the paperwork side of things easy. She completed a large part of the loan application for me, leaving me free to find a home that is right for myself and my children. In fact, house hunting became much easier and far more enjoyable knowing exactly how much I could afford to spend. I found a lovely home not far from the beach, and the kids and I have settled in well. I couldn't be happier.

With the support of my Mortgage Choice broker, my home loan was organised in just a few weeks. My experience was so positive that I have already recommended Mortgage Choice to friends and family. It's not just about finding the right home. Knowing you have the loan that suits your needs is a great feeling too.

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