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Melbourne mum Eva relied on her Mortgage Choice broker to demystify the process of buying a rental property.

Melbourne mum Eva relied on her Mortgage Choice broker to demystify the process of buying a rental property.

My husband and I purchased our family home in Melbourne 12 years ago with the help of our Mortgage Choice broker. We were very happy with his service – in fact, he was outstanding. So when we started to think about buying an investment property it seemed logical to speak with the same broker.

Initially, investing in a property was very much just an idea. We had considered supplementing our superannuation but we believed that residential property was the best investment for us. We really wanted to be able to give our children a great future but it was important to me that we could still enjoy a rewarding lifestyle and be able to enjoy shared pleasures like family holidays.

From the start, our Mortgage Choice broker gave us a clear idea of our borrowing capacity.  For me it was important that we would be able to comfortably manage the investment loan, and our broker never pushed us to borrow more than we felt comfortable with. I really appreciated this.

While I felt that investing in a property was a sensible move for my family's future, I realised there was a lot to learn about the investment process. As I work night shifts I would often email our Mortgage Choice broker with queries during the night and there was always a response by the next day. Even better, he explained everything in very clear, easy terms. I certainly learned a lot in the process!

Looking back, I really enjoyed that learning curve. If we had chosen to go directly through a lender I wouldn't have felt as comfortable asking so many questions.

Initially, we weren't sure where we wanted to buy. When we sat down with our Mortgage Choice broker, he helped us look through industry data that highlighted regions of potential capital growth.

We were attracted to the market in South East Queensland but neither my husband nor I had time to visit interstate properties. So our Mortgage Choice broker put us in touch with a buyer's advocate in Queensland. He turned out to be excellent also – and a source of tremendous support in our hunt for the ideal investment property.

We ended up buying a wonderful apartment in Brisbane after personal inspection. I'm very happy with the loan we have and the rent payments we receive pretty much cover our monthly repayments.  Our property manager completed the first inspection recently and she reported that the tenants are taking good care of the place.

With the support of our Mortgage Choice broker it took just two months from the time we first started to consider investing to the day we settled on the property. I feel we have made the right decision for our family's future - I'm satisfied with the loan, the apartment is going well and I would certainly recommend Mortgage Choice. They helped us get a great deal and delivered professional service at every stage.

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