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Just 14 days to arrange a loan

An investment property that was too good to pass up saw Brisbane-based Brendan in a race against the clock.

An investment property that was too good to pass up saw Brisbane-based Brendan in a race against the clock.

In March this year I saw a property I was really keen to buy as an investment. It was a bit unexpected as I hadn't really been in the market for a rental property so I signed the contract subject to finance.

However it meant I had just 14 days to arrange a loan.

I literally walked into the local Mortgage Choice office straight off the street without making an appointment. The first thing I said to the broker was “we need to talk, like now”. The broker sat down with me there and then and immediately got to work tacking down the best deal for me.

My broker liaised with lenders and helped with the paperwork too. He really appreciated the urgency of the situation, and sure enough, within two weeks the loan was stitched up and the sale went ahead.  

What my Mortgage Choice broker didn't know was that I had also approached my own bank about a loan – after all, time was critical. But frankly my Mortgage Choice broker just made everything so much easier for me, and I opted to run with the loan he recommended.

I have to say it was a huge relief to have my loan approved though I was always extremely confident my Mortgage Choice broker would be able to pull it off. It was pretty obvious he was working very hard on my behalf – he stayed back in the office after business hours to ensure he got the loan over the line in time.

In fact, my Mortgage Choice broker did a lot more than arrange an investment loan for me. He also had access to the latest property market data, which showed all the recent sales results for each suburb in my area. We went through these figures before finalising the loan because I wanted to be sure I hadn't paid over the odds for the property.

It turns out I paid a fair price for the place and that was reassuring too. From that point onwards it was all systems go.

I'd definitely recommend Mortgage Choice. The brokers are down to earth and they come up with the goods. It makes the whole loan process a lot easier, and that's a real plus.

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